We have created a pretty cool app for drivers

Drivers are like Santa Claus – they are in 100 places at once delivering our parcels! Our team created something special for them! πŸ“² The app for drivers calculates the best transport routes to the destination and predicts all kinds of traffic obstructions that could delay the pickup or delivery process. We have also added some fabulous features for drivers that will make the whole delivery process easier. Check it out! β†˜οΈ

Driver App

It is cosmopolitan 🌍

Our app is available in ➑️ Polish, English, German and Spanish. There are many more languages on the way!

Drivers App front screen

It’s all about making job easier!

With one click only you can add reasons for a package being rejected (wrong address, missing, damaged) or simply start the returning process. The app will also let you add pictures of parcels and comments. All of that in real time, so everyone who is involved in the delivery process will be up to date. And most importantly, you won’t have to call anyone, instead you will focus on your work.

Tasks, tasks for everyone! πŸ“

Beautifully arranged tasks list, where you can accept βœ… or decline β›” assignments. See how it works in practice on our YouTube channel.

Scan on demand!

When you are in rush, you often need the QR scanner to be under your fingertips, so you won’t have to spend too much time wondering where it was! So, there it is! We added it on the bottom of the screen, as well as on the settings menu along with the camera. Now you can go crazy with it!

Driver's App Settings

Where can you find our app? πŸ“²

βœ… Apple Store
βœ… Google Play 

Hublock's Angel

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